maandag 18 maart 2013

Look what's on my dining table.....

 ........ it's a quilttop!!!!!! Hurraaaaaaaay, I finished part 3 (Logistics) of my study Business Science / Administration yesterday. Half of april starts Financial management. But till then it's quilting time and cleaning the house (Marne and Elaine will be here in less then a month). 
What did I do? 
I took one my antique quilts out of the cupboard. It's one of the first antique quilttops I bought. It's probably from 1880-1890. It has been a quilt once, because you could still see it was tied (instead of quilted). But I think the batting and backing were too bad, so they removed the quilt top. Well now it's almost a quilt again. I know some people think you should leave it the way you found it. I like to repair them and turn them into quilts. Kind of giving them a second life.

Caro is back in quilting town ; )

4 opmerkingen:

marcella zei

prachtig, de antieke quilttop en mooi dat je hem straks weer gewoon gaat gebruiken.

Nana's Quilts zei

Oh boy, oh boy - how exciting. Get busy with that quilt because I'm bringing more, you know.

Bernadette van Gils zei

welkom terug in quiltland, fijn dat je studie zo goed gaat
mooie quilt en groot gelijk dat je hem weer een achterkant geeft

Francis Gortmaker zei

Heel mooi en goed dat ie zo behouden blijft!
Ik vind het leuk om te zien dat een simpel patroon zo'n frisse quilt geeft.
Groetjes, Francis.