zondag 19 januari 2014

Impression of the Featherweight Day

I try to remember, how many Feather weight days we already had.

I think this must be number 4, the next one will be in september.

The department The Hague (Dieuwke, Diana and me)  arrived half an hour too late. But that doesn't matter. Bep's living- and diningroom was already filled with lots of quiltwomen and one quiltman.

The project for today was this little rabbit. But Dieuwke and I spend our time at finishing a baby quilttop. We can't show it to you in case the mother is reading my blog as well.  The rabbit has to wait till later.

At Bep's house there is never time to get bored. Of course all the her projects we admire, her house is one big quilt project ; ), her lovely garden and chatting with everybody about quiltstuff. And of course a long toilet visit. There is so much to see.


Quiltsoup from Bep, yammie.

Gert showing one of his project.

We got home safely around 17.45 and ordered some pizza, who wants to do cooking after a quilting day ; ).

2 opmerkingen:

Carla zei

Mooi stukje heb je geschreven, helemaal mee eens, een top dag, voor mij de eerste keer maar hoop dat ik in september weer kan komen.



Yvonne zei

Ziet eruit als een heerlijke dag!