maandag 6 januari 2014

A quiet monday eve and what you can do with some fabric

Already six days on our way in 2014. Three days in my new job.

I really like it. It's exciting to do new things, to have new colleagues and different experiences. There will be challenges to face .... but what the heck. Just go for it girl.

Enough happy thoughts to put in my memory jar. The one with the bird is for Emma, the other will be on the shelf in my dining room.

And I will be setting at my dining table and reflect about all the good things, with a cup of tea of course, probably in the morning. You know I'm an early bird.

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Yvonne zei

Je potten zien er gezellig uit. Nu maar hopen dat ie mooi vol komt dit jaar met heel veel dingen waar je blij van wordt.