vrijdag 10 januari 2014

"Strange things" on my diningtable ......

..... like heavy paper, glue and an old quilt calender. No fabrics ; ).

Do you remember, of course you do, the quiltcalender of 2013 from the Openlucht Museum Arnhem. Beautiful pictures of antique quilts. Well, 2013 is over what to do with it, keep it somewhere. No I decided to cut it in pieces to make postcards. So happy birthday friends and family, there is a quilt birthday card coming to you this year ; ).

Oh, and if you don't like quilt postcards I have some old agendas that are also very suitable for making postcards.

And with your wine bottle a small quilt card!

2 opmerkingen:

Yvonne zei

Leuk idee! Ik heb ook nog een oude quilkalender liggen.......wie weet gmail daar ook mee aan de slag!

Marne zei

Really very nice. Your friends and family should be very pleased with their special cards!