vrijdag 14 september 2012

My adventures in Germany (Mies reporting)

It's holiday time so they, Rob and Caro (my masters) decided to leave the country. Oh boy what a lot of stuff they took with them for just a few days. Caro had to take her complete quilt equipment and Rob his computer stuff. I'm just perfectly happy with my own pillow for a nice nap.

On our way to Germany I met some of Rob's family, the two poodles Fame and Macy of his mum and Loes. They were just jumping and barking around me, so I made myself very big just to let them know I like it quiet. So after that was settled I could quietly sniff through the whole garden and house.

In the afternoon we arrived in Bad Dribug (Teutoburger Wald).

On Thursday after my morning nap (which I found a little bit too short) we all went exploring the surroundings. From Hoxter (town with very nice houses) we drove along the Weser (river). Unfortunately they missed the directions of the host in the hotel for a good "schnitzel" restaurant and so, we were standing on the wrong bank of the river. But with the little ferry (you had to phone the ferry man) we crossed the water to the Schnitzel restaurant.

And when they did the schnitzel thing I took my little nap.

Today they made some plans for Detmold, it seems that the woman found a patchworkshop and she got some ideas to make a quilt for me. And of course she doesn't have the right fabric ; ).

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