zaterdag 22 september 2012

All dressed up

 You will not  see me often in such a fancy dress. To be honest this was my first time in a real evening dress.

One of our quiltfriends from the "mutsenclub" got married today.

I borrowed the dress from Dieuwke, she made it herself and it did fit me very well, and I liked it very much.

The party was in sociëteit De Witte. It's a beautiful old building on the "Plein"in the centre of The Hague. It was founded in 1802, originally it was only for (gentle)men, but nowdays that's changed, women are allowed as well.

We're still planning to join the sociteit next year.

2 opmerkingen:

Bernadette van Gils zei

mooie jurk en ik hoopdat jullie een leuke dag hebben gehad

Nana's Quilts zei

I am really impressed. You girls are so gorgeous. (Thank goodness we don't dress like that everyday, huh?)
Really sorry I missed your telephone call. I was doing a CTA all-day sewing project. Photos will go on the blog.