zondag 31 januari 2010

Spanish cooking, part 2

Another fun evening with Maria, Jose and 6 "students" (including me and mum) to learn some Spanish recipes, and having a dinner together. The first time (in december) we made the mistake, by having a small dinner at home before we went. This time we didn't have dinner at home, even this dinner for us dutch is late, around 20.30. We like to eat: 18.00!

Still snow in the Netherlands. We're having a real winter.

Part 3 of Spanish cooking will friday 18 april. Probably now snow then. PICTURES Spanis Cooking

This was the menu:

Gazpacho (cold tomato soup, it's more for the summer, but with 8 warm people in the kitchen, it tasted very well)

Stuffed mushrooms

Pincho de huevo duro, see the picture (this was the part my mum and I made, very tastefull)

Chicken in the oven (not my favorite)

And for dessert we had Abricot with greek/bulgarian yoghurt.

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