dinsdag 19 januari 2010

You might be a quilter if .......

This is the title of an article I read in the weekend in an old quilt-magazine (Fons & Porters, jan. 2004) of Marne. And it was so funny. And then I thought: Am I addicted to quilting? Well, last week I found some pieces of fabric in my office at work, probably fell of my clothes. Oooeps. I don't have clothes without threads on them. My sewingmachine is always ready to use, so I have to hurry for work in the morning, and tear myself away from my quiltroom. Today I'm going away for a 3-day course from work about leadership. What do I take with me: my sewing machine. I think I have a serious problem : ).

Here some "quotes" from the article:

We'd rather buy fabric than have a pedicure. Even though we might not be able to give you directions to the nearest hospital, we know exactly to the quarter mile (fat quarter mile, mind you) how far it is to every quilt shop within commuting distance.

We quilters speak a language all our own, talking about fat quarters, rotary cutters and bias edges. Our husband and children are accustomed to sitting on lost needles and stepping on stray pins.

We quilters, can't balance our checkbook, but we can figure to the quarter yard how much fabric you need to make a scrappy, queensize Mariner's Compass Quilt.

Our dogs wears tiny vests with "I live with a Quilter", appliqued on the back.

There is not room in our pantry for groceries, - it's full of fabric, as are the hall closet, the china cabinet, and the guest bedroom. In fact, your husband has threatened to put locks on his dressers drawers, if you keep eyeing them the way you do.

Well how about you? Can you also claim guild for those actions?
Have a nice quiltweek, Caro

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Nana's Quilts zei

You are too funny! I read your blog to Elaine while she was doing her exercises. Happy course!

^A^ngel zei

jijiji!!! Guilty!! that's very funny...but yet o so true..;-)