woensdag 6 januari 2010


One of my challenges for 2010 is to reduce my stock of fabrics (before I go to Seattle). So my "lizard quilt" is the first project. It's almost finished. Every spare moment since januar 1, I used working on this quilt, sometimes early in the morning before I went to work. (I know we quiltpeople are addicted and crazy). I didn't use any pattern, only wanted to use as much of my batiks as possible.

You could say a new experience, that worked out very well. The lizards are sew on the machine. I used a technique I learned in a Workshop with Dijanna Cevaal a couple of years ago. You just use free quilting to go around the applications. Very simple, but I love this technique when I use batiks.
Good news: my stock is reduced with 4 yards and 1 fat quarter.

4 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

That really is terrific and when it does finally go to live at Tale's house, I'm sure he will adore it. Check out a technique called: McTavishing. Interesting along the edges.

Nana's Quilts zei

Well, I was wrong. It isn't McTavishing I was thinking of. I will keep trying to figure out what I was remembering. Your lizards are really great!

^A^ngel zei

Oh Caro it turned out beautiful!! Love those lizards!! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work with us...



Anoniem zei

Dat gaat wel heel snel!! Dat krijg je van dat spijbelen van onze bee ;)
groetjes Dieuwke