dinsdag 5 januari 2010

Back to work .....

.... and we still got a real winter in the Netherlands. This is how Rob looks when he goes to work on his bike at 07.00 o'clock in the morning.

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^A^ngel zei

Hi Caro!! I'm sorry I haven't write to you...It's been a bit hectic here at home because mom was in the hospital..Thank God now she is back home...she is doing better but we still have a ways to go...and we are working on that...

I'm very excited about you coming to Washington...just thought of you on Yesterday when I went to the shibori dragon to get my first kit for the 2010 Tiger Tiger BOM. If you want info about it go to their website.

Rob look very cozy !! all bundled up ;-) Did you make the scarf??



Nana's Quilts zei

How does he keep his glasses from getting all fogged up? When I wear a scarf and have on glasses, I end up almost blind because they get foggy and I can't see. :-(