donderdag 31 december 2009

2009 - 2010

We wish all our friends, family and readers a very happy and healthy 2010. May all your dreams come true.

Caro, Rob and Paco
This morning the house is still smelling a little bit. Yesterday I baked "oliebollen" (literally translated oil balls, I'm sorry there isn't an english word for it, some people call it the dutch donut). It's a very traditional Dutch Food Tradition, oil balls are eaten on New Years Eve. The best way is to make them yourself. I prefer to fill them with little pieces of apples and raisins.

The Quilting facts and figures 0f 2009

- 121 posts on my blog (a new record)
- I finished a lot of quilts: for my mum (2), my niece Promise, neigbours baby, spare-room, X-mas quilt, Tilda sofa quilt
- I also started a lot of new quilts that aren't finished yet like the miss Bennet and the Rose Quilt
- I learned a new technique Sashiko
- I made a lovely "quilt" trip to Marne and Elaine
- Willemijn, Dieuwke and I booked our trip to Seattle (March 2010)
- I bought an antique quilt in Seattle
- I was in three swaps all over the world, but the biggest suprise was the swap from Angel, she lives "around the corner" in Seattle
- Marne and Elaine came along in March to visit us
- I really had a Tilda mood (lucky me, I got all her books now)
- I tidyed up my quiltroom yesterday
- Dieuwke, Willemijn and I started quilting on my "antique" quilt, I think about 10% is ready now
- I'm very proud on my "american quilt", it's the biggest quilt I ever made, I only have to see the binding on the back

The challenge for 2010 will be:
- finish a few UFO's (at least my 30's quilt)
- use my batiks to make a "lizard" quilt, new experience
- don't buy any new fabrics, until at least my fabric stocks fits in the cupboard again (ha ha, I don't think any quilter will believe this, especially not when you're going on a "quilt"trip to Seattle).

Bye, bye, see you all in 2010.

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Odette zei

¡¡¡¡ Happy New Year !!!!

Muchas felicidades amiga, espero que todos tus buenos deseos se hagan realidad....recibe un gran abrazo de tu amiga chilena.