vrijdag 24 oktober 2014


..... I'm getting a very lazy blogwriter ; ).

 But autumn is always a busy time, there are birthdays to celebrate and at work it's busy because we have to make the plans for 2015.

We had a busy summer with lots of guests from june till september. Now it's just the two us and the painting man ; ).

He started wednesday painting our six  doors in the hallway. He is also going to do my sidetable in the kitchen, at least this table won't be standing in the kitchen without paint for six years ; ). I hope he will be finished today so we can make our house 'dust free". Oh I really hate DIY.

Most of the time that's left I use for quilting and sporting. I'm busy with this top, made from the homespuns I bought in New England.  Dieuwke is coming to help me sandwich it, after our weekly wednesday dinner. The challenge is to finish the quilt before the cold winter eve's are here.

So now it's friday, and I'm thinking, oh no it's already friday. What happened to the rest of the week.

And then there are 5.011 pictures to sort out from my quilttrip to New England. Last saturday I went to Laura to pick them up. I need some cold and rainy weekends.

Welcome autumn, I think you are my favorite season.

Here more pictures of my trip:
All the suitcases, and you know, I managed to come back with no extra suitcase.
Our group: Henk, Dicky, me, Joke, Laura and Marjoke. 

We are tired, please stop making pictures ; )

2 opmerkingen:

Yvonne zei

Ja....we zijn nu wel toe aan wat regenachtige weekeinden! Heerlijk alleen maar met lapjes bezig zijn.......en met je foto's natuurlijk. Ga je een album maken?

Nana's Quilts zei

Many things happening at your house (i.e. painting and quilting, dining, etc.) I just figured out which doors you meant. I didn't realize they were not painted. It should look lovely. We are headed off to Lake Tahoe, California tomorrow morning, for a week. I will try to post photos. Should be much fun.
Hugs. M & E