zaterdag 23 augustus 2008

SPKNBRG limited edition Almere-Haven 2008

Today I went to very interesting exhibition in Corrosia (Almere Haven) together with my friend Miep. The exhibition was about placing traditional costumes, especially the "krablap" (shoulder part of the costume) in a new modern town like Almere. In the religious village Spakenburg is still a little group of women who are wearing the traditional costumes daily. Pictures, films, little texts of the women and artistic objects are giving the traditional costume a new dimension.

Here is an example of a text they wrote:
"Mijn handen moeten iets te doen hebben. Ik ga daar met mijn gedachten naar toe. Het ontspant. Dan krijgen de zenuwen ook niet de overhand."
"I have to do something with my hands. I go with my thoughts to my hands. I relax. So my nerves won't have the upperhand."

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Joke zei

Caro, this is beautiful and worthwhile to keep it for our children!