donderdag 23 juli 2009

A very special project

In june I was in Seattle with Marne, and had a wonderful time, one of the things that I found accidently was a quilt from the 30s. The condition is not too bad, but it's just a top, no batting, the lady who sold me the quilt told me it was a summerquilt, she didn't know anything about the quilt.

So I removed the back because it was an ugly brown fabric from the seventies. This is a project that I really want to finish (this year). So my quiltfriends Dieuwke and Willemijn offered to help repair it and quilt it.

At our quiltweekend in july we decided that we would help each other with a project that you don't like anymore, or already took a long time... so I was the lucky one because we started with my 30s quilt, for me it's a very special quilt, so I think it's very special to hand-quilt together. Last tuesday was the start. MORE PHOTOS

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