woensdag 22 augustus 2012

Birds of a feather .....

........ is a book that I really like. Many times I pick it up and look througt it, again and again. But never used one of the patterns. Till now! For the border of my Spakenburger you will recognize the patterns from this book. I only made them a little bit smaller.

Although the border is random, I have two rules for myself: 1. the leaves will be all purple and 2. I use the same a kind of ivy pattern for the leaves.

It's going slowly but steady. And I found out that doing applique during long car drives goes very well. Rob is driving ; ).

Maybe you will see this quilt in the museum in Spakenburg next year.
I won't get bored this winter.

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Nana's Quilts zei

I have never seen that book. I will look for it and/or look at yours next year. Of course, I really love your border. It encourages me to do another applique project. 3 projects done here. Something new??? I'm really enjoying my class. Day #3 today. Just one more to go.