vrijdag 13 maart 2009

Day 7 - dinner, Day 8 Flowermarket, Binnenhof

Yesterday evening Tale joined us for dinner, and even cooked us a very nice dinner PHOTOS: Tortellinni's, mushroomsoup, cheese and peas. It tasted wonderful. We ended with a lovely desert made by Marne: Tiramisu.

Today we got up very early because we wanted to go to the Flowermarket (PHOTOS) in Aalsmeer, so we had breakfast at 6 o'clock, and drove away at 6.30. We had a very interesting time walking through the Flowermarket/Auction, and it smelled lovely. Homecoming there was a nice suprise, Paco, our dog, had found some chocolate in Marne's and Elaine's room. So he had a lovely time, and I had to take him to the vetinary. Because chocolate isn't very good for dogs. So he throw up, and afterwards he felt very well.

Well that didn't end the day, because in the afternoon we visited the Knight's Hall and the Second Chamber (PHOTOS). Well that ended the day. Time to go to our favorite restaurant http://www.bijmauce.nl/

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Lucy zei

Thank you for sharing your trip!
Over a few days you are here in Haarlem!