donderdag 5 maart 2009

Marne and Elaine are on their way to Amsterdam

Finally, after waiting for months, counting down, in less then 10 hours we see each other on the airport in Amsterdam. How exciting. We have made a lot of plans, including quiltshops in the second week.

The last days has been busy, like cleaning the house, and tidy up my quiltroom. Still found some time to do a few things. As you know I love making bags. This one I send to Wendy Jo, we are doing an exchange. The fabric is from the town Hindeloopen and is used in the traditional costumes. This bag is about 10x11 inch. The patron is for free: download.
I also made this bag in the size 5x6 inch. Another site I like very much (sent by my friend Marne ) is: You find all kind of patterns you can make for example with the moda charmpacks.

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Janaina zei

Absolutely lovely bag, Caro! I specially like the whole meaning on the fabric printing. =)