woensdag 18 maart 2009

Quiltshops and Quilting

Yesterday was all about quiltshops and quilting. And today also!!! We have taken over the diningtable so there are now two sewingmachines on it and a lot of other quilting stuff. We have a little bit space left over for breakfast and dinner. So as soon as we get up (even before breakfast) we start already quilting. Marne learned me how to make a string pieced, very good for your leftovers. After breakfast we visited Rob his grandmother, she's a quilter too, and a dollmaker. Then we went to Haarlem. I don't know Haarlem that well, but Marne was my guide. We found a lovely restaurant where you can eat bagels, probably the only American restaurant in Haarlem, and we've picked it, but very good and cosy.

We went to the Quiltshop The Sampler and bought some lovely Westfalenstoffe (German), and visited the Corrie ten Boom Huis, it's a kind of museum, during World War II they hide a lot of jews and people from the resistance, very interesting a little bit too religious, but well ... that's part of the story.

Well of course that wasn't enough so we ended the day at Evy's Quiltshop www.quilterspalet.nl in The Hague. Like I always say: my quiltshop. It such a lovely shop, we had a nice conversation at the table, drank some tea, and Marne bought a lovely serie of blue-white fabrics.

Day 11 Haarlem
Day 11 Granny
Day 11 Evy

So dinner was take-away pizza, who wants to cook after a day of quiltingactivities. Oh I almost forget if you haven't seen enough pictures of our adventures here are the pictures of Day 10 Peace Palace The Hague: PHOTÖS

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Janaina zei

Oh my Godness!!!!! That quilt shop is heaven on Earth!
Granny's a real artist! Look at all those stunning pieces!
When are you girls going to meet with the Crazy Exchanges ladies? I'm itching in curiosity to see the meeting's pics! =)