dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Tuesday Haarlem

Today we're going to granny and Haarlem. So another busy day. Time goes so fast so we don't have time for all our plans. Saturday it was Delft, sunday we had Quiltbee and yesterday we visited the Peace Palace. And of course we did some quilting, we're working on a quilt for my mother, it's brown and blue, and it's called a: split nine-patch. And then Marne is also working on her mouse Wim.
Day 9, French Toast
Day 9, Delft, dinner at De Kurk

Don't worry, more pictures to follow from our Quiltbee, Peace Palace, Quilting and Haarlem.

2 opmerkingen:

Lucy zei

I hope you're having fun in Haarlem. Next time we will meet each other :-)

Janaina zei

It´s just amazing how good trainned your little baby is! Look at him ( her? ) under the table! So sweet!
Those desserts you guys ordered are soooo beautiful! I'd never have the guts to eat them! Lol.