vrijdag 6 maart 2009

Marne and Elaine are safely arrived

At 7.21 the airplane landed, and there they were. Very tired because they missed a night. After lunch we went for a little walk through Bezuidenhout. See the pictures of today. PHOTOS.

5 opmerkingen:

Joke zei

Great to hear Marne and Elaine arrived safely, I can't wait meeting them! Have a lof of fun together, and enjoy our country!

Janaina zei

Yaaaaay! How cool! Plz send her a big hug from Brasil! Hope you guys have a terrific time! =)

Debby zei

Wat leuk om de foto's te zien. Marne had gereageerd op een logje en vertelde dat ze naar NL kwam! Veel plezier met z'n alle!

Groetjes Debby

Bianca zei

Glad to hear they arrived safely.


WendyJo zei

Glad Marne and Elaine arrived safely. You are going to have a wonderful time! Keep those pictures coming!!!!