donderdag 11 september 2008

Seattle Day 8, Teen Feed

Tonight I went with Marne and Elaine to Teen Feed. Elaine is a volunteer for Teen Feed since 1995, once a month, at wednesday after work, she cooks (Burritos) together with other volunteers from the University Congreationel Church. The meals are served between 19.00h - 19.45h in the cellar of the church. There are about 50-60 homeless teenagers who are coming for a free warm meal (sunday till thursday). I think they do a wonderful job!!!! It was a very interesting experience to help preparing the meal and serving it.
Photos: Shopping for Teen feed.

About Teen Feed
Teen Feed serves over 10,000 meals each year to more than 400 homeless youth and young adults. - In 1989, nurses from the University of Washington Medical Center noticed that many street youth accessing the emergency room were severely malnourished. The community responded, and faith groups, service providers, neighbors came together to provide food to thehomeless youth population.

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Anoniem zei

Hoi Carolien,

I can really see you are enjoying your stay in the states. Are you sure you want to come back ?



bep zei

Hallo Carolien,ik heb je reisverslag gelezen,je hebt het denk ik wel heel geweldig gehad,allemaal lekker eten en quilts wat wil je nog meer,hoop dat je toch weer graag thuis wil zijn bij al je eigens,groetjes Bep