dinsdag 9 september 2008

Stone Soup Quilters

Stone Soup Quilts PHOTOS. Stone Soup is a Grimm Brothers Tale, the meaning of the tale is, if everyone put a little bit in the empty pot, then at the end it will be filled. That's what the Stone Soup Quilters are doing. They getting all kind of scrap fabrics donated and their making quilts of it for the patients of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Resarch Center and their families. They're coming every monday-morning together. Today Marne and I picked some fabrics for a logcabin quilt. This package of fabrics, including the pattern, goes for example to a quiltshop. Somebody can take it with her and make a top of it and return it to the Stone Soup Quilters. They finish the quilt.
I think they do a wonderfull job. They make about 100 quilts each year. If you're want to read more about this project you can look on their website: NorthSeattleFriends.

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