vrijdag 5 september 2008

Seattle Day 1 and 2

Seattle Photos day 1 and 2
Wednesday 3th september after a 10 hours flight I arrived safely at Seattle Tacoma Airport. Marne was already there to pick me up. I really enjoyed seeing her again, the last time I saw here was in februar in The Hague. Her house is like a candy-store for me, but not with candy but with all kind of quilting books and fabrics. Her friend Elaine cooked us a lovely dinner. And then early in my bed, because I missed a night of sleep. Thursday: Marne and I, (Elaine had to work) went downtown to Seattle. We visited one of the most beautyfull buildings the Public Library, it's designed by a dutch designer Rem Koolhaas. It's made of glass and steel, and you almost can't find any right angles. Afterwards we went for some shopping: a quiltshop (the first of 5 other ones to go), bought a t-shirt of the Seattle Mariners (baseball-team, sunday we're going to watch a game), drank tea in a very nice little caffee, had coffee somewhere outside. Seattle is very special town, it's hilly, green and there are a lot of lakes, with gives us beautyfull views. Well I had wonderfull day, tomorrow we will do some quilting, look for some fabrics, and maybe make a small walk in the neighbourhood. Oh I almost forgot we visited Pike Place Public Market, you can buy all kind food there, and there is a special fish-shop were they throw the fish, the customers picked, over the counter. When you have a good look at the picture you can see the fish in the air.

2 opmerkingen:

Simone zei

You girls have so much fun!!! I'm jealous! Great pics! I really liked the pic of all the peppers ;)
Have fun!

Janaina zei

Yaaaaay! So cool to know how things are going for you girls up there! The fishes thing is completely crazy! I see the "flying fish" in the pic! Jeeez...
Caro you have a beautiful smile on the pic! Love your hair!