maandag 15 september 2008

The Hague day 13, coming home

PHOTOS, after a 10 hours flight I'm back in the Netherlands, very tired but happy, Rob and Paco were waiting on the Airport for me. I went with 1 suitcase, and came back with 2 suitcases.

So no more: coloured houses with verandas and decks, big refrigators, yellow schoolbuses, groceries where they put you groceries in a bag for you, coffeeshops with your name signed on the cup, breakfast with crumpets, very big cans with peanutbutter, baseballgames, leaving your mail you want to send at your mailbox, rows of newspaperboxes, take home the leftovers, HOV-lanes, 4-litre milk cans, quiltshops with shoppingcharts (winkelwagentje), yellow cabs, buying quiltmagazines at a drugstore and eggs and bacon for breakfast. But lots of bicycles, wooden shoes and windmills.

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Jantine zei

Welkom thuis, wat een heerlijke trip moet dat zijn geweest!