zaterdag 6 september 2008

Seattle day 3, Friday Evening

PHOTOS, Firday evening I had a lovely time with Elaine and Marne. Marne and I cooked dinner for Elaine. We bought some " sweet potatoe" pasta at Pike Market Place, and you got a recipe with it. So we made pasta with: garlic, chestnuts, parmesan and cheesecream. It tasted very well, together with the bottle of of with wine Elaine picked. Only thing it was far too much, the girl from Pike Market Place sold us twice as much as we needed. (Clever girl). After dinner we went downstairs for quilting (it was already 5 hours ago we did something with quilting). Marne finished the top for her granddaughter Megan, and I used the scraps to practise my new learned skill. It was really fun, so it was up to 11 o' clock before I went to bed.

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Janaina zei

The meal is really looking great! Marne is surely feeding you very well! Lol. =D
I love the pieces you show on this posting! They are so colorful and cheering!Congrats!
ps: the t-shirt Marne was wearing that night was soooooo cool! =)