zondag 24 februari 2013

Sunday 21.18 p.m.

Quiltweekend is over. Dieuwke left around 17.30 p.m. home. The afternoon we spend making oxygen bag for a friend of us. Her lungs are in bad condition, but a black bag for her tank with oxygen is so boring, the least we could do was making a happy bag. (Dieuwke designed the bag).

 A picture of Pelle, the dog of Dieuwke's mum, the dachshund quilt was for him.

Now I'm sitting at my dining table. The sewingmachine, threads, fabrics, patterns are all in my sewing room. Back are my study books on my  table, but the radio next to me is playing Radio2. My favorite!!!!! www.radio2.nl.

I almost like every program, but Sander de Heer, early in the morning is my favorite. Now it's dutch music by Sarah Croos, and they played a song I still remember from the past. Maybe because the songtext was a little bit naughty in that time. Polle Eduard / Ik wil jou. And I was only 13 years old (1979). I think this weekend is over too quickly.  And then I even haven't show you my new hat. Well you have to wait till my next post ; ).

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