maandag 11 februari 2013

A doggie sunday afternoon

Emma's parents arrived from England yesterday, so we went over for a cup of tea to meet them. We had a very nice afternoon chatting, drinking tea. Emma made two terrific cakes. I think I told you before but she such a good cook.

Both dogs felt pretty comfortable which each other. Mies with her new haircut, and Bailey having his new dog quilt. A proper dog needs to have a doggie quilt. He has really grown since the last time we saw him. And of course Mies had her personal caretaker Lucy. Although Mies hates scissors (the haircut at the hairdresser was one big nightmare, so we won't do another haircut), she loves to be brushed.

Good thing is, we can she her eyes, and I have to ask which shampoo they used, she smells lovely, and her fur is so soft.

Mies tried to escape a few times to explore upstairs. She doesn't like stairs at our home, but when we're somewhere else she likes to explore the whole house. Curious dog.

2 opmerkingen:

Emma zei

A lovely afternoon, thank you for coming. Bailey loves his quilt and so does Lucy. I will have to hurry up and finish hers. Xxx

Nana's Quilts zei

It does look like you had a very pleasant afternoon visit. Of course, the doggies are very cute and I'm sure they enjoyed all the attention they got. Do the men get along as well as you and Emma? It will be nice to get to meet her this spring.