zondag 24 februari 2013

Willyne Hammerstein

Who is Willyne Hammerstein? If you're a quilter you might have heard from her. (If you're a laywer maybe too).

She is a dutch quilter who likes geometric, mathematic patterns, with little jokes in it. But you have to examine the quilts very well to find them ; ). Two years ago Dieuwke and I saw her quilts for the first time in St. Marie-aux-Mines. Now we had the chance to meet her and learn about her ideas and techniques.

With 30 ladies in Zutphen, next to the shop from Petra Prins, we felt like being in quiltheaven. The first moments I thought, I don't get it, what do I have to sew, and how? This sounds so complicated. Well I wasn't the only one. But just get started and do it. It was interesting, we all got the same fabric, but I think there weren't two blocks the same. The possibilities to create blocks and combine them are endless. It's all handwork, too small to work on the machine.

Dieuwke and I are going to put our blocks together, and make one quilt together. How big? No idea, not too big I think. Others project are waiting also. Just read my blog to see how we're are going on.
Look for a report in dutch and pictures also on the blog from Cis.

2 opmerkingen:

Marians Quiltblog zei

Mooi worden de blokken hè? Ik was er gisteren ook bij. Gezellige dag gehad en je gaat echt anders naar stof kijken.
Fijne avond.
Groet Marian

Nana's Quilts zei

I will be interested to see those for real - and all hand-made? No thank you!