vrijdag 8 februari 2013

Temporarily out of order

That's how I felt the last 1,5 week. Almost two weeks ago, the first day the snow was disappeared here, I decided to go cycling to work instead of walking. Not a good idea ; ). Just before the head-entrance of our office I was hit by car, he hadn't seen me. So there I was laying on the ground, police, ambulance, it's suprising how quickly things are happen and arranged. Well I have been lucky, after a check-up, no broken bones, just bruised ribs, knees, and blue spots all over my body. So you see, not a writers-block, just took some time to concentrate on recovering. (And not making quilt-jokes with bruised ribs).

This week a ex-collegue send me a picture of his dog, he retired in july, and his biggest wish was to have a dog again. So for his "goodbye" I made him this doggie quilt, and he promised me to send me a picture.

Mies is getting a haircut today. I think she's a bit hairy at the moment ; ).

Oh, and if you noticed why she isn't on a quilt. Well I have one in progress, her X-mas quilt is stocked in the attic.

4 opmerkingen:

Petra zei

Wat een pech Carolien. Heeft het geen nieuwe rugproblemen opgeleverd? Ik hoop dat je snel weer minder gebutst voelt. Groetjes,

Gert zei

Dat is schrikken voor je zeg. Hopelijk knap je snel weer op.

Katie zei

Yikes! So glad you are ok. Scary, scary.

Ballardquilter zei

I am so sorry to read about your accident.