dinsdag 23 juni 2009

Seattle Day 7 (monday)

This is how we managed on monday:


7.00 breakfast, talking, skype with Rob, Dieuwke and my parents, reading quiltmagazines ...
9.00 getting dressed
9.30 we' e on our way to Stone Soup with tea and dutch chocolate.

Stone Soup is Marne's Quiltgroup who's making quilts for people with cancer. Every monday they come together and finishing quilts, picking colours, iron bindings etc. etc. Patty Frederighi organise everything. It was so nice to see her and all the people that I met in september. I felt very welcome. (More information about STONE SOUP you can find on their website).

12.00 on our way to Northgate (Shopping Centre, for lunch, picking up Marne's sewing machine, and do some quiltshopping at Pacific Fabrics).
14.00 to the Half-price bookshop, found a book for Rob, and found a quiltbook with schoolhouses
15.00 dropping off some fabrics at a acquintance
15.30 home for tea
17.45 to the church
18.00 Ladies dinner at the church
19.30 back home
22.00 in my bed (welterusten)

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