zondag 21 juni 2009

Seattle Day 5, Quiltshow

Another busy and interesting day:
- breakfast with wafels
- gaz for Priscilla (Marne's and Elaine's camper)
- bike-parade (nude)
- Quiltshow
- Conimex dinner

This day started with wafels, sirop and bacon. Hmmmm!!! Afterwards we went for gaz for Priscilla and we got mixed up in the starting-point of the bike-parade. It seems to me that biking nude must be very uncomfortable.

We picked up Ronda for the Blockparty Quilters Quiltshow in Issequah. I loved the quilts in the show, there were a lot of traditional quilts, my favorites. I'm not very fond of art-quilts. And can you believe it, I bought a quilt from the 1930's-1940's years, it need some repairing, so it will take some time. I started with removing the backing because that fabric is from the seventies. I'm going to look for a nice reproduction fabric and dye it with tea for the backing and the binding.

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