vrijdag 26 juni 2009

Seattle Day 8, Quiltshop, Icecreams and Salmon Locks

I'm having a fantastic time here with Marne and Elaine in Seattle. Each day flies by. There are not enough hours in a day. This morning we started with figuring out how to make a hooked rug with a tootbrush. Still in our pyama's, busy with the instruction and tearing out fabrics.

Around 10.30 we jumped in the car on our way to the Quiltshop in Des Moines. I have been there before, just after my arrival in Seattle (to be sure: one hour after I left the airplane, no time to waste). They have a beautifull collection of reproduction fabrics from the thirties and the fourties (in the bathroom, see the pictures of the first day). I was looking for a border for my antique quilt, to make it stronger.
And you know, quiltshopping makes very hungry, so we had a terrific lunch at Antony's at the harbour (close to the Quiltshop). Marne and I were making jokes about my pictures. It seems that they only shows: quilts, more quilts, fabrics, more fabrics, and lots of food (dinner, lunch, breakfast etc.).

Well after our icecream we went to one of my favorite places of Seattle, and it isn't a quiltshop. It's the Salmon Locks, or to say it proper: Salmon Fishladder at the locks (sluis), the weather was perfect, so we had a lovely walk at the park and the locks. PHOTOS SALMON LOCKS

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