donderdag 18 juni 2009

Seattle Day 2 (Wednesday)

What did we do today? Well what about quiltshopping!!! Yesterday we visited the Country quiltshop in Desmoines, very charming and cosy. Today we went to Jo-Ann in Lynwood, it's totally the opposite from yesterday. It's a very big shoppingcentre, everything you need on crafts you can find here, we spend almost two hours looking around, picking gifts, choosing fabrics. Marne had some coupons so I had very good sale on my muslins and batiks. Here you really need a shopping-chart (winkelwagentje) to go through the shop.
Afterwards we went to the Good-Will Shop (second-hand), sometimes you're lucky and you can find second-hand fabrics. And yes we were lucky!!!! I bought two yards of a blue reproduction fabric for only 1.80 dollar, a book for 0,49, and then we also get 20% percent discount because it was senior-day.

Well as you can see shopping
is very exhausting ; ). So Marne had try out her new dutch quilt.

In the evening I followed a dutch class together with Marne. Marne is learning dutch, so it was fun, and it was very nice to meet her teacher Jacqueline again (she's from the Netherlands, and already living for 50 years in Seattle). She's addicted to gryotten (kind of candy), so I took a little bag with me from the Netherlands. The weather was good, so we sat outside between the roses.

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Simone zei

The Dutch quilt is looking good on Marne! And it makes room in the suitcase for new fabrics ;) How smart of you!
Nice pictures in your album!