zaterdag 27 juni 2009

Seattle day 11, Boeing and Maggy Bluffs

Today we had a very interesting day. Marne and Elaine had organised a trip to the Boeing Hangars for me, just north of Seattle. So we had tour through the hangars were they're building the different boeing airplanes, like the 777 and 767. (It was not allowed to take pictures). It was so impressive. They can deliver 7 airplanes each month, they're building the whole airplane in the hangar, and then they take it out for testing. Very interesting was to see the building of the Dreamliner 787, the newest model, they're building now 4 dreamliners, those airplanes will not be used for transport, but just for testing.
Unfortunately: The world's No. 2 planemaker this week said it would delay the first test flight of its 787 Dreamliner, the carbon-composite plane that promises to usher in an era of lighter, more fuel-efficient planes. Unlike previous delays that put the aircraft two years behind its original schedule, this one results from a structural flaw and not from supply-chain or labor problems. They have to reinforce an area within the side-of-body section of the aircraft.
After the tour we visited the oberservation-deck, and we were very lucky to see the Dreamlifter fly away. The Dreamlifter is the airplane that transports all the parts for the dreamliner, that are made in other countries. It has a very strange and unusual shape, it's very high and width.

Well after this trip we had a fantastic happy hour at Maggie Bloffs, we had some different plates with food, that tasted very good. This restauant is on my list for next year. The views on Seattle are so beautiful, you can see the Space Needle, and the high towers in the centre. We had unexpectly good weather so we could sit outside.

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That Boeing tour must be quite interesting, I sure hope they fly you home safely, Caroline.