vrijdag 26 juni 2009

Seattle day 10 (wednesday) to Amy

We had to get up early, because at 8.30 we were already on our way. Today we went to the historic village Poulsbo and Marne's daughter Amy for lunch. So we had to catch the ferry to bring us to Brainbridge and the main land.


Poulsbo is a lovely little village founded in 1885, and with a lot of norwegian influences. The main street got a lot of little shops like: bookshops, antiqueshops, touristshops and of course a QUILTSHOP. They already had their X-mas collection, and very nice flannel collection. Next time flannel on my list.

One of the funny shops we visited was Marina Market, you can buy all kind of european groceries there, like: hagelslag, ontbijtkoek, drop, pindasaus etc.

From there we went to Amy and her three children Emma, Owen and Megan, she's got a beautiful house in the woods, upon the hill, at a very small road, with a big garden, and so typical "american" (inside and outside), I really loved it. She made us a lovely lunch, and we had a very nice conversation sitting at the diningtable. Well around 15.00 h time we had to go, because we had to take the ferry to bring us back to Seattle.

I enjoyed the trip at the ferry, although there was a rather rough wind, as you can see the views are fantastic. For some reason, it remembered me a little of bit of our holidays in Greece.

Well that didn't end the day, because at 18.30 Marne's dutch class started at Jacqueline, so after a quick dinner that Elaine prepared for us, it was jumping in the car. Dutch class is easy for me : ). I think I was the best student that evening ; ). At 21.30 I was in my bed, exhausted from a terrific day.

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Simone zei

What a wonderful place Amy lives! And you both look great in your pyama's ;)
Loved seeing all your pics. Too bad your stay in Seattle is already over... Have a safe and good flight home!