donderdag 25 maart 2010

Seattle, Quiltmuseum

La Conner Quiltmuseum, something you don't want to miss. Downstairs there are old antique quilts and furniture. I especially liked the " improved nine" patch. Maker unknown, c. 1930, 66 inches x 76 inches. Ninepatch blocks are machine pieced, while the melon is set-in by hand. Block design is an elongated nine-patch with 5 print patches and 4 muslin patches in each block. Straight edge binding finishes the edges sewn on by machine. Backing is muslin. Hand quilting: an X-design thourgh the five center patches, outline stitches in four outer corner patches and melons, plus melons, melons have double diamons and circle designs. It's part of the permanent collection - the Jane Jackson Collection. Well I know how to quilt my 30's quilt Ronda gave me. No doubts, because this is also an improved nine-patch from the 30's.

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patricia belyea zei

The La Conner Quilt Museum will have a phenomenal Japanese quilt show in late June. Maybe you can make it back for that.

I have some pics of the last Japanese show on my blog:

Sounds like you're have a great trip.