zondag 21 maart 2010

Seattle Day 7, GO DAWG !!!!!

GO DAWG!!! (is the cheer of sportteams of the University of Washington, their Mascotte is a Huskie-dog, that's DOG, DAWG means DOG, it's just to make it special for the University).

Well I was walking all alone through Marne's neighbourhood on my way to " THIRD BOOK PLACE" (you can buy secondhand books there), and I went of course through the bookquiltshelves (found another book for my suitcase), after half an hour, I went home, walking in the sunshine, enjoying the gardens, having fun.

Then there was a man in a garden and he was shouting at me very loud: GO DOWN or something like that, and then he repeated it again VERY VERY LOUD. So I thought by myself, what does this man want from me, maybe he's a little bit crazy, and I thought " oke I just walk away quiet, don't say anything. And then he was calling again and said something like " wait", and about the " Huskies University Washington". He probably saw that he scared me a little bit, or that I didn't understand him. So we had a very friendly conversation and he explained to me that there was a very important game in the afternoon: University of Washington, Huskies Basketball team. So he was just calling a "cheer" to me, because he thought I was fan of the Huskies. So we really had a good laugh, because I don't know anything about basketball.

Well life can be interesting wearing a sweatshirt of the " Huskies" .

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