zondag 21 maart 2010

Seattle day 7, lunch at Ronda

Well I would like to show you here a lot of pictures of a lovely lunch and afternoon we had with Ronda (one of Marne's best friends), and a show-and-tell about her quilts. But I did something wrong with my camera, and I erased all the pictures. I had a back-up for the other pictures on Marne's computer, but not from this afternoon. And unfortunelately I was the only one that took some pictures. So I cheated on this pictures, they're from 2008, but it gives anyway a kind of impression of our afternoon.

We had a wonderful time at Ronda. First we made a mexican lunch together "Tamales", the outside is cornhusk, and you can fill it inside with different ingredients, like sweet potatoes, cheese, onions etc. After you fill them, you steam them for an hour. During that hour we quickly went to the quiltshop just around the corner " the quiltersloft". This is Willemijns favorite, it has lots of patterns for aprons, Amy Butler fabrics and all other stuff she especially likes. I bought myself a pattern of a pyamas, hopefully there will some time to make them.

Then we went back home for Ronda's lunch, and it tasted so good.!! For dessert we had lemon lemon bars (citroencake) with tea. She has lovely house, and upstairs she keeps several new and old antique quilts. For example the one with 'Dresden plates" was made by her grandmother.

And she gave me a lovely birthday-gift, can you imagine a quilt from the thirties. It's just the top, I must admit I like that, it gives the chance to handquilt it again, Ronda be sure it will take good care of it, and treasure it, every quilt deserves to be loved by somebody.
It's in pretty good condition, (it's originally from Texas, her sister bought it there and it's about 1930-1940's, the size is 51 x 65 inch (1m30 x 1m65), there will be a lot handquilting the next couple of years. I'm such a lucky girl!!!!!

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