donderdag 18 maart 2010

Seattle Day 4, Jo-Ann, Mystery Quilt

The originally plan was to go to Poulsbo, but they ran out of electricity because of the storm. So the shops were closed (and without electricity you can't use your creditcard, big problem here!!!). Of course it didn't take us a long time to make an alternative plan. So we went to Jo-Ann. Jo-Ann is a shop were you can buy all kind of things: kids crafts, home decor, fabric, sewing and quilting stuff, knit, crochet etc. etc. We started with 1 basket, and left with two shoppingtrolley's.

The afternoon was very special. I can tell you that. Marne organised us a mysterie-quilt, we had lots of fun and laughing. I think the most fun part was went she took us one by one to the bathroom.
After the cutting and sewing, you had to pull it out, and then the mystery reveals (shows up). Because we are with three of us, and she wanted it us for each of us to be suprise, Marne and I pulled it out in the bathroom. Strange things can happen on a quiltingtrip.

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Chookyblue...... zei

wow you girls look like you having a blast in the US..........enjoy the rest of your trip........