vrijdag 19 maart 2010

Seattle Day 5, High Tea

Every day we have new adventures. This morning it was the waterfalls, and now it's my birthday-suprise at last. They teased me for 4 days, just giving hints, about needing my swimsuit (wich I didn't took with me, and nude-swimming is probably not allowed). So 13.45, dressed up, we went to..... QUEEN MARY for a Hightea. I have never been to a real high tea, and I can only say, it was fantastic. The food was delicious, the location in a kind of Alice in Wonderland and old english rose-style, so we had a great time. Enjoying us with tea, scones, cake, fruit, salmon, chicken, coconut-cookies and marmelade. Every day is a celebration. (Iedere dag is een feestje). THANKS for this fantastic birthday party.

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