zaterdag 20 maart 2010

Seattle Day 6, The Quilters Anonymous Quiltshow

They weren't so anonymous, because on every quilt was the name of the maker. Quilters Anononymous (QA) is a word joke, instead of addicted to alcohol (AA) they're all addicted to quilting.
It was a lovely show with lots of different styles. The quilt with the logcabin is made by Alayne, one of Marne's friends, the fabrics are bandana's, and it's rememberance quilt. The quilt with the "happy children" is from Stashbusters, it's their 2009 Raffle Quiet, the sale of it covers the space rental. The little shops were lovely, so we spend some money again. In the afternoon we all checked are suitcases, and we're happy we're still underweight. Still 5 days to go.

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