zondag 21 maart 2010

Seattle day 7, NCEAA

It's saturday, and we still got 4 days to go. Every day is a suprise, with new adventures. And every day is busy day, we try to enjoy every moment of it. After the walk, and the afternoon and Ronda we went for the evening-programm: BASKETBALL. Elaine knows a lot about sport, and one of the things she and Marne do is "supporting" the Basketballwomenteam of the University of Washington. So they watch all their games. This weekend the first round of the NCEAA-tournament started (NCCEA stands for National College Athletic Association). It's a big deal here, especially the man's tournament is very popular (read about my experience this morning). They call it the march-madness, everybody who loves basketball is watching the games in real or on television. It's like the World Championship Soccer for the dutch.

We went to women-tournament, and I must say it was a very exciting game. There is so much happening during the game, you don't get time to get bored. The teams take their own band and cheerleaders with them, there are walking a lot of referees around, to do all kind of things, and the game itself goes very " fast" , the players have only 30 seconds to make an attack, if you don't try to make a goal or make a goal, the ball goes to the other team, so it goes from the left to right, and back again. Although prefers to do some knitting during the basketballgame.

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