zondag 21 maart 2010

Marne's Mysterie Quilt

One of the suprises Marne prepared for us was: THE MYSTERIE QUILT. So we all had to shop for some fabrics to start this project:

- 9 - 12 inch WOF, depending how big you want to make it, we used 9 inch.
- 24-27 inches WOF, we used 27 inches
- 1 strip 2 inches WOF
This is really fun to do with your friends on a rainy afternoon, it will only take you about an hour (if you have prepared cutting and ironing the fabrics), and your sewing machine is ready.

1. Wash the fabric, iron it.
2. Put the cuff with the right side facing up.
3. You take the 2 inch-strip, fold it and iron in half with wrong side together.
4. Raw edges even on the top edge of the cuff-pieces
5. Lay on edge of your main fabric, raw edges even, right side down. Pin it on the raw side up.
6. Make an accordeon-fold of the main fabric.
7. Pull up the bottom of the cuff, and fold over the accordeon and pin to the top raw edge.
8. Now you stitch the raw side.

Here comes the bathroom part, especially fun when you want it to keep it a suprise to your other friends. Go to the bathroom and follow instruction 9.

9. Pull the main body out from the end. (Keep it away from your friends, so it will be secret for them as well).
10. Fold it in half and aline the edges with wrong side together. Stitch within a 1/4 inch seam.
11. Turn it inside out , with right sides together stitch it together again. It's called a french seam.
12. Turn it again, and it's finished.

SUPRISE, SUPRISE, it's a pillow-case. Oh, I can assure you. We had a good, to make it more interesting Marne gave us some wrong directions, so pulling out on of the seam was also part of the fun : ). You can also make small one, like Idid, the one with the houses is for Paco.

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