maandag 22 maart 2010

A historical moment in the American History

This evening (Seattle time about 20.30h p.m.) was the vote about the Health Care Plan of Obama. There was a lot of discussion going about it, so the voting was very exicted. The democrats needed 216 votes. And they got: 219 YES against 212 NO, a close finish you could say. Marne and Elaine were very happy about it, it gives 32 million Americans a chance to get an insurance, for other people it means that they can't be refused anymore because they're already ill. You could say it's the biggest change in 45 years of social security system, and here we are in Seattle watching it. If there ever will be a "quiz-question" about it, we will know the right answer.
Here some quotes from the Newspapers:
- Huis stemt in met zorgplan Obama
- Landmark health care reform head's to Obama's desk
- McCain: burgers boos om zorgplan
- Obama: "it was the right vote"
- Health bill: a milestone or a mistake
- Obama slaat waar anderen faalden
- House sends health bill to Obama

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