maandag 25 november 2013

Third Place Books (sunday morning)

From 43rd Ave to 20th Ave, I can assure you that's a pretty good workout in this hilly Seattle. I think I walked about 6 kilometers this morning.

Too bad I took a chocolate chip cookie and a cappuccino at Starbucks.

Third Place Books

Sociologist Ray Oldenberg suggests that each of us needs three places: first is the home; second is the workplace or school; and beyond lies the place where people from all walks of life interact, experiencing and celebrating their commonality as well as their diversity. It is a third place. In his celebrated book, The Great Good Place, Oldenberg discusses how the cafes, pubs, town squares, and other gathering places make a community stronger and bring people together. 
Dogs are not allowed, maybe because they can't read ; ).
Not much quilting books this time.

Here follows an impression of my walk to Marne's and Elaine's neigbourhood.
You can see the mountains.
Huskie water bowl.

Very detailed instructions how to cross the street.
Drive-in coffee shop. Really!! You can't stay in your car and order coffee.
Almost home, three streets to go.

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