zaterdag 30 november 2013

Quiltshops in Seattle

Francis was asking in a comment: Are their many quiltshops in Seattle? Yes I think there are many quiltshops over here, but it's not that you find a quiltshop on every corner.

But to give you an in impression: from Marne's house: it's a 15 minute drive to Northgate Pacific Fabric. That's a  really a big quiltshop, you use a shopping chart (winkelwagentje) to go through the shop. You just load all the fabrics you want.

What's missing here is personal assistence, or a cup of coffee, like we do in the Netherlands. The same is for Jo-Ann (fabric and craft shop) which is amazingly big, you can buy fabrics, quilting equipment, wool, wood, bakingproducts etc. etc. you can walk around for hours.

Then there is the Quiltersloft (20 minutes),  Keepsake cottage (45 minutes), Aunt Mary's (40 minutes), Gathering fabrics (45 minutes), Country and Carriage Shop (35 minutes) much smaller, but still pretty big comparing to the Netherlands.

Left a quilt from the '30s and on the right around 1870.
And sometimes you find a very small quiltshop, like the one I visited in Ballard, you have to go through the coffeeshop to enter the quiltshop "drygoods designs".

I think that's a pretty good idea, you can do shopping, your husband can drink coffee.

Downtown Seattle you only find "Undercover Quilts". I must say it's not one of my favorites, they have very  bright fabrics, but they had a few beautiful antique quilts for sale.

For sale 895 dollars, around 1880-1900

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