zaterdag 23 november 2013

Quiltgirls on a roll with "flannel jacks"

Marne, Ronda, Alayne and me.
Ronda's house
I can only say it was an amazing friday.

 I was sooo tired when we came home at 9.15 p.m. that I went straight to bed.

We the quiltgirls (Ronda, Marne, Alayne and me) had a fantastic quiltday at Ronda. Ronda had turned her house into a quiltheaven.

I made so many pictures that I made album so you can have an impression of our day.

She found us a nice pattern called " flannel jacks", it's kind of crazy log cabin. Most important reason why she choose this pattern that it is pretty easy. So that gave us the opportunity to do talking and sewing. And she and Marne wanted to get rid of some of their flannel stack.

The whole sofa was covered with flannels we could choose. And we were encouraged to use as must as we could ; ).

Later on even Dieuwke joined us on skype, she was doing her embroidery in The Hague, and we did our sewing in Seattle. Isn't it amazing.

We were sewing like " mad women", but we even found time for a little bit of quiltshopping in Ronda's neighbourhood.

One of the quiltshops is established in old hotel (1912), which is pretty old to american standards.

To enter the Quiltshop you have to go through the coffeeshop.

We didn't found time to eat our lunch and dinner properly. Ronda made us chili, very good choice!!!
You can easily eat it behind your sewing machine, so you don't need to clean up the table, just found some space between your fabrics.

Secret quiltshop behind the coffeeshop

This afternoon (saturday) we going back to Ronda to finish our projects.

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Yvonne zei

Wat een mooie blokken hebben jullie al gemaakt en wat een heerlijk huis! Je kunt wel zien dat jullie genieten ook al is het dan soms vermoeiend, of kwam dat door het biertje bij het eten? Daar krijg ik altijd slaap van!

Ballardquilter zei

Thank you for visiting with me. It was so much fun quilting and talking about how to get rid of old quilts.