vrijdag 22 november 2013

An impression of thursday ...

... more quiltfun. I was early up in the morning, still not totally used to the time schedule in Seattle, but pretty ok. So at 5.45 a.m. I sat behind the sewing machine. That's so good of having my holiday here in Seattle. It feels like I have all the time in the world.

Today we drove to La Connor, about 65 miles north of Seattle. La Connor is a beautiful old little village, situated along the Swinomish channel.  Halfway on our way to La Connor we had to made a stop in Arlington at "Aunt Mary's Quiltstore", and of course have coffee and a cookie.
Lucy the quiltdog, she lives in the store

I loved this patterns, so I bought a few batiks to make it.
 The region is best known for his tulips. They even have more tulips here then in the Netherlands. There are living a lot of people from dutch origin, how about "Roozengaarde" farm.The land here is very flat (reminds me of the Netherlands) but it's surrounded by mountains.

There are two interesting places in La Connor ; ). One is of course the Quiltmuseum and the other is the Calico Cupboard Cafe and Bakery.

La Connor Quiltmuseum was the home of Gaches Family. The Gaches brothers played a very important part in the development and history of La Conner.
Quiltmuseum: 703 South End, second street
Built in 1891 the grand manner of English tradition, the Gaches Mansion reflected the fine English upbringing of George’s wife Louisa. Louisa Wiggins Gaches decorated her grand home with furnishings from all parts of the world.  These furnishings arrived in La Conner by coming “around the horn” by boat, and then by steamer to town.

Unfortunateley we were not allowed to make pictures of the quilts in the museum, but I was allowed to make some picture of the interior.  

View from the Quiltmuseum.

Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we diet!
Calico Cafe and Bakery
Our Bakery is Skagit Valley local’s favorite since 1981 our made-from-scratch bakery offers old-fashioned comfort foods using fresh, natural unprocessed ingredients including gluten-free and organic grains, all served in our warm and welcoming cafe. We are an award winning specialty cafe featuring delicious breakfast, lunch, and to go menus as well as a variety of hand made bakery selections.

Pumpkin soep with turkey sandwich.

Another shop with dog equipment.

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Francis Gortmaker zei

Hallo caroline, wat heerlijk dat je al die foto's laat zien! Volgens mij heb je het daar goed naar je zin. Zijn daar meer quiltwinkels dan in Nederland, wat afstanden betreft?
Groetjes, Francis.