dinsdag 19 november 2013


Two quiltshops "Gathering Fabrics" and "Keepsake Cottage Fabrics"  and a quiltbookshop "Martingale". Not bad for a monday.

No pictures of Martingale (publisher of quiltsbooks) because we weren't allowed to make pictures of the quilts, because some of them will appear in new books that hasn't been published yet.
But it's so fun you're just walking through their offices. Everybody is busy working, and we got a tour.

In every office you can find several quilts of other stuff. All the offices looks very cosy.  No cleandesk policy here, like I have at home in our office ; ).

I bought a ' few' fabrics so that can keep my busy while I'm here. I will show you the pattern tomorrow.

The loot of the day.

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Yvonne zei

Wat een heerlijke foto's, ik zou graag de adressen hebben van je voor volgend jaar.....
mooie stofjes heb je uitgezocht, wat zijn die sterretjes boven je stofjes, gummetjes?