maandag 25 november 2013

More quilting .....

...... is going in Seattle. We had a very busy last week, and we have another busy week ahead. Thursday it's Thanksgiving, so that means preparing turkey, do shopping etc. etc.

But don't worry there will be time enough left for quilting. I'm working on different little projects and of course my big flannel "jack"  project.

I adore this cute little X-mas bags. Here is the pattern if you like to make them as well. It's a very easy pattern, and of course you can make the bag as big as you want.

2 pieces of fabric 7inch x 8 inch for the outside
2 pieces of fabric 7inch x 8 inch for the lining
4 pieces of fabric,  I did some applique on the front of the bag.
2 pieces of fabric 2inch x 8,5 inch for the handles

Instruction number 2.
1. Start sewing the handles, fold them together wrong sides together, sew them, turn them
2. Pin the handles on the fabric (it doesn't matter if you pin them on the outside fabric or lining. Just pin at the right side of the fabric, I do them about 2 inches from each side. Do the same again.
4. Open the fabric and pin the two pieces of fabric together, leave an opening in the lining at the bottom so you can turn the fabric. Put the outline fabric on the outline fabric, and the lining on the lining. Right side togehter. Stitch all round except for the opening to turn the bag.
Instruction number 4.
5. If you want to make a kind of bottom, just look at the pictures, and do it all 4 corners.

5. Then turn the bag. And there it is ready to go.
If you want to make a lunchbag then you could size it up to: 11 x 10 inch. Good luck, I hope you will enjoy making them as much as I do.